"An all around wonderful show but puppeteer Andy Kraft is the star here, bringing an assortment of cute (and not cute at all) creatures to life." - Ed Huyck, CityPages


"Mr. Kraft, Mr. Carson and Ms. Custer appear to be operating on some astral plane of comedy that is only rarely accessible from our world" - Mickey Foley, Fringe Review


"Cast led by the adorable Andy Rocco Kraft who's adept at the physical comedy" - TheCherryandtheSpoon.com

“With crowd favorite Andy Kraft also on hand to fill assorted roles, this family-friendly production will lend high-spirited hysterics”Brad Richason, CityPages.


“Andy Kraft had amazing comedic timing.” - Emma Dalen, Fringe Review


 “At the bows, it was revealed that Andy Kraft, who co-created the story performed with a cracked rib. Now, that's dedication to your art.”           - CityPages

“Andy Kraft always has the most memorable and funny characters in these shows and he does it yet again.”  - Ross Lambert, Fringe Review


“Carson and Kraft create two delightfully awful human beings in their lead duo, Lloyd and Mike” - Mpls.Tv


“The four talented and quick-witted actors are led by Andy Rocco Kraft, who takes on six roles with ease.” - CityPages